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George Stein, The DUI Lawyer

Attorney George Stein has one of the most well known professional service brands in Atlanta, as evidenced by both the size and the consistent growth of his practice.

The key to Stein’s stunning growth has been being known before he is needed.  Like many other businesses, where the consumer purchase decision is triggered by a specific event (think car breakdowns, home repair issues, financial crises, or healthcare needs), Stein’s potential clients must make quick decisions after an encounter with the law.

When this triggering event occurs, consumers do one of two things: they either turn to a brand that was already top of mind (i.e. known before it was needed) or they start looking for solutions to their problem.

Stein invested substantial time and resources “trying to be found” in the first years of his new practice. These efforts left him far short of his goals.  Stein was not one to settle for mediocre growth or profitability. His next move, in his own words, “changed my life.” Read more »