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Don’t worry, this is not a recommendation to wear a lampshade at your next social event.  This post is about effective advertising.  But since the social metaphor is on the table, let’s follow it for a minute to illustrate how you can save a lot in wasted marketing dollars and, instead, turn those dollars into a powerful investment.

Have you ever gone to a party or networking event and found yourself locked in a one-way conversation with someone that spent 20-30 minutes going on and on about themselves?  It’s a pretty miserable experience, particularly if politeness, politics, or family relation prevented you from bolting.  It  certainly didn’t leave you wanting to learn more about or interact more with that person.  We’ll use this as our definition of ‘boring.’

Now, if you hold your marketing up to the same standard, would this fit our definition of boring?  It’s a fair question because 70-80% of the advertising you notice on local TV, print, online, or radio (and ALL that you don’t notice) fit this description.   These ads are boring because they focus mainly on the advertiser, and not the end-user.  Just more blah, blah, blah about things consumers don’t care about.  No one except the lonely people watching informercials want to hear about what a business is selling.  For the most part, these boring messages are a waste of marketing dollars.  If you want to communicate with a consumer, make your communication about that consumer.  Her problem.  Her felt need. Read more »

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There’s a free software tool available to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) today that can quickly transform your business into a savvy, high ROI digital marketing operation.  This tool was originally created to help some of the world’s most sophisticated web marketers and ecommerce sites understand who was using their websites, opening targeted communication, and interacting with different parts of the operation.  It allows these firms to actually track individuals, their interests, and their response to differing marketing exposure  – a web marketer’s dream.

Until recently, this type of solution has only been available to larger companies that had enough electronic marketing and web-based activity to merit the monthly investment.   The good news is that this is no longer the case.

One of the leading providers of lead management software, Loopfuse, is now offering a free version of their solution (it’s called FreeView) to businesses that focus on lead and customer groups of fewer than 2500 people – in other words, the average local business like yours.  Should you give it a try?  Answer these 3 questions to find out: Read more »