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While it’s clear now that the country is gradually emerging from the economic crisis, the strength of individual regions and business sectors is still decidedly mixed.  As small and mid-sized businesses look out into this environment, it can be tough to make critical and/or prudent decisions.  No one wants to be the last business returning to market, and few are willing to be the first.

The Growthwire would like to help.  We’re inviting the Growthwire community to take a 6-7 minute online survey to help other subscribers make more sense of what economic life is like on Main Street today, including strategies for growth in specific regions and business sectors.  When compiled, the survey will help you, and businesses like yours, understand how local businesses are working through our current economic conditions and even finding growth opportunities.

All we need to make this happen is YOUR HELP.  Please take a few minutes to contribute your views (all 100% anonymously) – we will post all data online and analyze specific trends in future Growthwire newsletters.  We will mail you an invitation later this week, but if you’d like to take the survey now, you can find it at:

Thanks in advance!  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your insights.

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